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Strong Growth in Digital Health Powers MediHeroes, A Cross Border B2B Medical Platform

Singapore - MediHeroes Launches A “Verify Before Buy” Platform Created Especially For suppliers, buyers and service providers in the MedTech industry on April 15, 2022.

A Transformative Industry Platform, MediHeroes Helps Buyers And Sellers Save Months To Years Of Time, With Credentials Validations And Go-To-Market Services.

Asia is increasingly becoming a global Medtech hub of Manufacturers, Hardware Suppliers, Distributors, and Technology Service Providers

Medical procurement is highly meticulous and time intensive. This is all the more important in a growing digital health space where accuracy and security of data, are as critical as the authenticity of medical devices.

MediHeroes unique onboarding, searching as well as algorithmic matching enables buyers and sellers to sieve out massive information. Members can save months to years of precious time in finding quality medical supplies and services.

Suppliers provide more than just product information. Buyers can access product certification, clinical evidence, business license and company credit check on-site and in real-time. Added services like finding distributors helps sellers penetrate new markets.

According to Joanne Lee, Founder, and CEO of MediHeroes, “Building a system for buyers to “Verify Before Buy” builds Trust in the marketplace, fulfilling MediHeroes vision to help quality medical product suppliers become true Heroes.”


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