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Medical Team

Our Vision

Make quality medical supplies and services accessible to

anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

MediHeroes would help quality medical product suppliers and service providers become true Heroes.

Our Story

Each and every year, there are countless new and innovative technology, products and services on the market. But, where and how can we find them? This is why MediHeroes launched a cross-border B2B medical platform.


MediHeroes aims to connect quality medical supplies & service sellers, even global communities with buyers across the countries. From Search to Match, MediHeroes members can save months to years of time in finding quality medical supplies & services, even global communities just with a few clicks.


If you are hesitant about shopping for quality medical supplies on Alibaba, Lazada, or any platform, we hear you. Medical supplies are not commodities. Medical supplies are tools to save people’s life. Quality Matters when it comes down to Medical Supplies.


MediHeroes came up with a solution by addressing people’s concerns about product verification and the trustworthiness of sellers on leading platforms. 

On MediHeroes, buyers can verify before Buy Medical Supplies and Services.”

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