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Looking for COVID-19 tests made in Korea? The latest COVID-19 test kits and medical product info available worldwide is updated on the MediHeroes.

Quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to medical products & services. Over the last 2 two decades, a number of innovative medical & healthcare organizations have sprouted, some reliable and others not so reliable.


MediHeroes is a global marketplace that aims to bring buyers, sellers & end-users of medical products & services onto a single transparent platform. We also consult & guide companies to make informed decisions, including but not limited to product information, quality, credit scores, pricing & agreements.  

Our Team

Our team members consist of medical & pharma business professionals, research scholars & physicians with a deep understanding of medical, pharmaceutical & chemical industries. Our ultimate goal is to bring the industry stakeholders closer & help members achieve their corporate & community goals. MediHeroes is a reliable B2B medical market place for quality medical supplies.

Our Vision

MediHeores is the most trustworthy B2B platform of medical products & services worldwide

Our Mission

Our mission is to furnish you with Verified  information and to become the most trusted information source in the health industry. We make each and everyone of you a Superhero.


메디히어로즈는 전세계인들이 믿을 수 있는 글로벌 B2B 메디컬 플랫폼 스타트업으로 양질의 메디컬 제품과 정확한 의료 정보 제공을 위해 탄생하였습니다. 한국, 중국, 인도, 홍콩 소재 의료기기와 제약, 케미컬 회사 출신 전문가들로 구성된 메디히어로즈는 의료기기 생산업체, 구매업체, 의료진, 유관 기관 및 환자 모두를 위한 메디컬 전문  플랫폼입니다.


메디히어로즈는 첫째도 검증된 의료 제품, 둘째도 검증된 의료 정보를 제공하여, 모든 이용자들이 믿고 거래할 수 있는 글로벌 메디컬 플랫폼으로 자리매김하겠습니다. 메디컬 슈퍼히어로, 메디히어로즈!

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