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Go Global Germany 2023 Program

The MediHeroes Go Global Germany 2023 Program is a series of training sessions designed to help MedTech and Healthcare start-ups and SMEs to expand their business to Germany and the EU. 

A basic training session covers the following by industry leaders.

- Market overview: Growth potential, key players, etc.

- Incorporation: Procedure, costs, and government incentives

- Regulation: Procedure, leadtime and requirement, etc.

- Clinical trials

- Market access (optional)

MediHeroes Go Global Germany 2023

The MediHeroes Go Global Germany 2023 is tailored training program for passionate startups who aim to expand to Germany and the EU, sponsored by HongNeung Innopolis, a Seoul-based biocluster from Sept to Nov, 2022.

The training program offers start-ups 01 orientation session and 05 detailed training session with high-profile CEO, Consulting Experts from Kalms Consulting and Managing Director and Consultant Expert from ConsulTech. 

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The MediHeroes Go Global Germany 2023 program kick-starts with an exciting online Orientation session, where MediHeroes accompanies start-ups with the HongNeung Innopolis to meet consultant experts from Kalms Consulting and ConsulTech.

The program fosters networking opportunities where every start-up can introduce themselves and get to know the speakers. All session is designed to maximize interaction between the speakers and start-ups to address all of their questions and concerns. 

The participants will receive a training completion certificate in the last session. The participants attended the Go Global Germany 2023 saw a huge success for networking with each other and with experts from Kalms Consulting and ConsulTech, our esteemed partner. 


Stay tuned and join us in 2023. Coming soon in Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, and China/Hong Kong.

Classroom Training Session Details 

Week 1


Incorporation in Germany 


Mr. Jeung Jun Park, Foreign Attorney of Kim & Chang 

Session Details:

This session covers public funding of investment projects, example of incentives calculation, how to effectively reduce investment costs, choosing the right R&D application and how to finance investment projects with public loans. The start-ups have a chance to ask direct questions and listen to informative sharing of Mr. Jeung Jun Park on how to expand incorporation in Germany. 


Jeung Jun Park

International Business Advisory

Kim & Chang

Week 2

COO & Business Development 

Senior Consultant Market Access & Reimbursement 


Stephen Binder


Julia Knorr


Market Overview (Medical Device & Digital Health)


Dr. Stephan Binder, COO & Business Development of Kalms Consulting

Dr. Julia Knorr, Senior Consultant Market Access & Reimbursement at Kalms Consulting

Session Details:

This session covers the Overview Healthcare Market and Reimbursement of Digital Health in Germany. Here, start-ups explores market research and data acquisition in a new market, as well as digital health applications (DiGAs) and nursing application (DiPAs). 

Kalms Consulting

Kalms Consulting

Week 3


Benjamin Schultz


Katja Schroder


Market Access, Reimbursement & Requirements


Dr. Benjamin Schultz, Senior Consultant Expert of Kalms Consulting 

Dr. Katja Schroder, Senior Consultant of Kalms Consulting

Session Details:

This session delves into Overview of the German Reimbursement Framework (In-Patient/hospital) and Overview of the German Reimbursement Framework ( Out-patient/ ambulatory). The start-ups are able to discover on the NUB funding, market access options and the benefit assessment procedures. 

Senior Consultant Expert

Senior Consultant Expert

Kalms Consulting

Kalms Consulting

Week 4


Marco Kalms


Gerald Schroder


Daniel Schubart


Incorporation & Healthcare Incentives; Operational Support Government Incentives for Start-ups


Mr. Marco Kalms, CEO of Kalms Consulting

Dr. Gerald Schroder, Head of Kalms Operation and Finance Department, and Customer Service of Kalms Consulting 

Dr. Daniel Schubart, Managing Director of ConsulTech. 

Session Details:

This session examines Incorporation & Healthcare Incentives, Operational Support and Grants Applications & Project Coordination of Funded Projects. The start-ups will have an understanding about pricing strategy and tactics, the German tax system and go over application examples. 

Chief Executive Officer

Head of Kalms Operation and Finance Department, and Customer Service

Managing Director 

Kalms Consulting

Kalms Consulting


Week 5


EU MDR & IVDR/ Regulatory Pathways in Europe 


Jennifer George, Senior Consultant, Regulatory Affairs & QA of Kalms Consulting

Session Details:

The last session covers regulatory framework, European legislation and implementation, manufacturer's obligations, timeline and transition periods. The last session prioritizes questions and inquiries from all the start-up to make sure that they would have a thorough understanding of the topics and that they are welcomed to use specific questions related to their business. MediHeroes always provide session report and recordings for start-ups to maximize their knowledge and send start-ups' questions to speakers after the session has ended. 


Jennifer George

Senior Consultant, Regulatory Affairs & QA

Kalms Consulting

Thank you!  

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