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 MediHeroes Go2Market Webinar - Germany 


Join us for the FREE webinar series “MediHeroes Go2Market - Global BioTech Clusters & MedTech Clusters in Germany” to discuss the strategies, challenges, and best practices of entering new markets and scaling beyond the home country for MedTech companies.  

 Why To Attend? 

 In Germany, there are more than 30 specialized cluster networks focusing on medical technology and biotechnology. Each cluster connects companies, hospitals, universities, and other research institutions and helps them obtain funding for joint R&D projects, provide shared facilities, and organize educational training programs for their members.


 MediHeroes Signature Go2Market Webinar Series: Global Biomedical Clusters – Germany will overview medical technology and biotechnology clusters with each focus area on medical technology and biotechnology. Germany Trade and Invest(GTAI) will explain its support for international pharma, biotech, and MedTech companies seeking to set up operations in Germany.

 Who Should Attend? 

MediHeroes Go2Market Webinar is specially designed for all MedTech start-ups including service providers such as CROs, regulatory affairs, etc., and even government officials, and associations which are the key stakeholders within the MedTech industry planning to expand commercially to each different countries. 

 Date & Time 

AUGUST 25, 2022

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Korean Time   



Dr. Gregor Kemper, Government Agency/BioTechnology in GTAI (Germany Trade and Investment)

MR. GABRIEL FLEMMING, Government Agency/Medical Technology in GTAI (Germany Trade and Investment)


The webinar series will include 1-2 moderated presentations and 5-minute LIVE Q&A sessions. Each presentation will focus on a specific topic and it can be subjective to be changed every webinar series. 

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