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About MediHeroes

MediHeroes is a global B2B Medical Platform 

We Transform the Way You Find Trustworthy Suppliers, Buyers, and Service Providers in the MedTech industry

From Search to Match, MediHeroes members can save years in finding quality medical supplies & services and in global communities across the countries.


Cross-border B2B Platform to outreach millions of medical device suppliers, buyers, service providers, clinical trial centers, R&D partners, etc. List your products and services on MediHeroes platform and increase an exposure of your company worldwide.

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MediHeroes provides FREE webinar series “MediHeroes Go2Market” to discuss the strategies, challenges, and best practices of entering new markets and scaling beyond the home country for MedTech companies. 


Better yet, MediHeroes overviews a global biomedical cluster landscape to help MedTech and BioTech companies find the best places for Go-To-Market overseas. We organize a series of “Global BioMedical Cluster Site Visit and Meet” with industry professionals as offline events.

Global BioCluster Webinar Series

July 07, 2022 Singapore(JTC)

Aug 25, 2022 Germany (GTAI)

Sept 21, 2022  USA (TBD)

Global BioCluster Visit & Meet
          Sept 02, 2022        Singapore

Nov 18-22, 2022    Germany

USA, India, China, Spain (2023)


MediHeroes Go Global Program is a series of training sessions designed for start-ups who plan to go global and expand their business overseas.

These sessions cover all the essential and crucial topics such as overseas market overview, government grants, regulation, clinical trial, pitch deck, market access, and etc.

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