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Save years in finding quality medical supplies & services

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MediHeroes Membership Benefits

We offer a 90-Day Free Trial of our membership! Once you become a member, you will unlock these fantastic features:

  • List Your Company For Free

  • Set Up Your Seller Page, Edit Your Info Anytime

  • View Partner's Contact Info

  • Join and Create Global Group Chat To Build Network

  • View Certifications, License, and Clinical Evidence On-Site

  • Send Unlimited RFPs

  • 1-1 Chat Anytime

For Sellers 

  • Set up your seller page to get exposed to 10k+ buyers.

  • Explore the features, decorate your home page, and upload your products.

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For Buyers 

  • Find the Right Suppliers Fast

  • Directly Message Suppliers, Manufacturers, And Service Providers.

  • Check product certification (FDA, CE, etc.), clinical evidence, business license, and all essential info on-site and in real-time. 


Go2 Market Series

Online Free webinar: “MediHeroes Go2Market”

We offer free webinars to discuss the strategies, challenges, and best practices of entering new markets and scaling beyond the home country for MedTech companies. 

Offline Events: “Global BioMedical Cluster Site Visit and Meet” 

We overview a global biomedical cluster landscape to help MedTech and BioTech companies find the best places for Go-To-Market overseas.